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10 Must-Have Weight Loss Tools

By Shain Rossi, Certified Personal Trainer

When you are trying to lose weight, you need all the help you can get and any opportunity to stack the deck in your favor. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous companies have tried to take advantage of people who are highly motivated to lose weight by offering them a seemingly endless supply of gimmicks and gadgets that claim to make weight loss easy. But there are some products that can actually help you. So here is my list of 10 must-have weight loss tools for anyone who is serious about taking off the pounds. I’ve provided links to some of them, but I don’t participate in any affiliate programs or earn any commissions if you decide to buy something linked here.

weight loss tools palos verdes personal trainer1. Food tracking and social support

A tool like MyFitnessPal is a great example. There are several free websites and mobile apps which make food tracking and calorie counting easy, and also provide access to a community of like-minded individuals to help support you in your weight loss journey.

2. Activity trackers

FitBit, Vivofit, and Jawbone are just a few examples of popular activity trackers. Some of these offer continual heart rate monitoring and built-in GPS systems. They provide a secure and comfortable fit so you can wear them continuously, and they have companion smartphone apps so you can visually chart your progress towards activity goals.

3. Resistance exercise bands

For go-anywhere exercising, resistance exercise bands can’t be beat. If you find yourself traveling on a regular basis, packing a set in your carry-on will help you stay on the narrow path to hitting your goal weight. They offer a number of workout possibilities and can be used to exercise any part of the body, which makes them one of the greatest weight loss tools of all.

4. Blender Bottle

A Blender Bottle (or very similar competing products) provides a simple way to mix smoothies, protein shakes, fiber and meal replacement drinks, etc. anywhere and any time.

5. Heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor can keep tabs on your most important muscle. Understanding how your heart responds to exercise can help you optimize your workout routine and maximize both weight loss and fitness benefits.

6. Compression/workout base layer garments

Performance undergarments help keep everything in its proper place during intense workouts. For women, a quality sports bra is a must – or so I am told. When it fits properly, it will be comfortable, won’t dig into the skin, and assists in wicking away perspiration. I’m also told that women who have A – C cup breasts should look into wearing compression-style sports bras, whereas women who have D-cup breasts or larger should look for encapsulating styles. As for guys, get the right kind of undies, and you and everyone around you when you are working out will be much happier.

7. Quality shoes

Whether your workout involves walking, running, or lifting in the gym, quality shoes are indispensable. Investing in well-fitting, quality shoes helps prevent ankle and foot injuries and makes workouts more enjoyable.

8. Digital food scale

Weighing your food with an accurate digital food scale allows you to know exactly how much you are consuming, so you can more accurately count your calorie intake. It also helps you understand what correct portion sizes look like, which can help you when you can’t weigh what you’re eating.

9. Water bottles

Insulated or non-insulated bottles that have a convenient spout offer access to healthful water on the go.

10. Accurate bodyweight scale

An accurate bodyweight scale measures your progress on your journey to your goal weight. As the number decreases, your confidence goes up. An assessment of multiple studies which tracked more than 16,000 dieters provided indisputable proof that the bathroom scale is among the most effective weight loss tools; both for taking weight off and preventing pounds from creeping back on.

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