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The quick weight loss workout

By Shain Rossi, Certified Personal Trainer

Quick weight loss is one of the closest things to a real life unicorn. Practically everyone is looking for it, but very few find it, and even when they do, their grasp on it is often fleeting.

Although your past attempts at quick weight loss may have been discouraging, there is still hope. But your chance for success is largely determined by setting realistic expectations up front.

Quick weight loss: what’s a realistic goal?

Most health and medical experts agree that a weight loss pace of one to two pounds per week is healthy and more likely to produce results which can be sustained long-term. A pound of body fat contains 3500 calories, so shedding it in a week requires burning an average of 500 more calories per day than one eats (3500 calories = 500 calories x 7 days).

While it is possible to structure a diet and exercise plan that creates a 1000-calorie daily deficit and achieve a two-pound per week weight loss pace, it’s very difficult to maintain such a severe restriction for more than a relatively short period. But if someone is sufficiently motivated to lose 20 pounds as quickly as they can, a very aggressive 10-week program can be designed to produce the desired results.

Exercising for quick weight loss

quick weight loss san pedro fitness trainingFor most people, it’s fairly easy to create a 500-calorie per day deficit simply by changing the way they eat and drink. Replacing that afternoon Venti Mocha Frappuccino and scone with an iced coffee and a piece of fruit will just about do it.

But when it comes to increasing the deficit much beyond 500 calories per day – or even consistently hitting the 500-calorie mark while still allowing yourself a few indulgences – exercise is the only way to get it done. Here are three proven exercise strategies that can help you achieve quick weight loss that’s healthy and sustainable.

Walking (4 mph): 200 calories per 30 minutes

A brisk walk burns 400 calories per hour and is a truly no-cost workout. Everyone should try to add at least 30 minutes of walking to their day, regardless of their other exercise plans.

Circuit training: 355 calories per 30 minutes

Circuit training involves completing a series of both cardio and resistance exercises with little to no rest between exercises. It provides a full body workout and elevates the heart rate for the entire workout, yielding tremendous cardiovascular health benefits. Circuit training is also a great way to avoid boredom in your quick weight loss workout, as no two exercise sessions have to be the same. Working with a personal trainer is extremely helpful when it comes to circuit training; they can make sure your workout is properly designed for your goals, help you maintain proper form for maximum benefit, and keep your motivation level high throughout your workout.

Stationary bicycling (vigorous): 455 calories per 30 minutes

A stationary exercise bike can provide nearly as much calorie burn for quick weight loss as running at a moderate pace (488 calories/30 min.), with much less impact and risk of injury. Plus, stationary bicycles are readily available at gyms and community centers, and can even be purchased inexpensively second-hand.

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Calorie data for 185-lb. person; source: Harvard Medical School, Harvard Health Publications

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