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Keep Your Weight on Track During the Holidays – 8 Tricks

By Shain Rossi, Certified Personal Trainer

It’s about that time of year when you spread good tidings of cheer. The holidays may also mean office parties and family gatherings with lots of unhealthy foods and drinks. Between eggnog, cookies, and holiday dinners with all the trimmings, weight gain may be hard to avoid.

control weight during holidays - san pedro weight loss centerAccording to Stanford University, the average person gains a couple of pounds during the holidays. That may not sound like much, but if you gain a few pounds a year, eventually it adds up. Fortunately, with the right strategies, you can celebrate the season without derailing your fitness goals. Consider some of the following suggestions:

1. Morning exercise

Consider exercising first thing in the morning. The holidays can get busy. You might be tempted to skip a workout. But don’t let exercise fall off your to-do list. If possible, try to exercise in the morning before other responsibilities get in the way. Remember, exercise is one of your best weapons against holiday weight gain.

2. Be selective

If you’re at a buffet or pot luck, check things out before you decide what you want. Instead of taking some of everything, just take a little of the foods you really want. You may eat less and enjoy it more.

3. Don’t starve yourself

If you’re heading to a celebration and you want to bank your calories so you can indulge, think again. If you’re famished when you arrive, you might eat way more than you should. In fact, you’re better off eating a small healthy snack — such as a piece of fruit — before you go to a party.

4. Healthy foods first

When cruising the food table, select healthy options — such as veggies, salad, and fruit — first. Starting with healthy foods will fill you up and prevent you from overeating.

5. Count your bites

Consider a two or three bite rule. If you want something loaded with calories, indulge a little. But make it a rule to eat only two or three bites. Most people enjoy the first few bites of a treat the most. A few bites may satisfy you without overdoing it.

6. Focus on socializing

Food and drinks are often a large part of holiday celebrations. But gatherings are about spending time with friends and family. Instead of standing around the food table or near the bar, walk around and visit with everyone.

7. Choose drinks wisely

If alcohol is part of your get-togethers, consider keeping drinks to a minimum. Alcoholic drinks can be packed with calories without adding any nutritional value.

8. Keep tasting to a minimum

Cooking a meal or even just a dish to share can lead to several “tastes” to make sure it’s just right. When you’re preparing food, limit tastes to a small dab on your tongue – just enough to check the flavor balance.

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