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Best Fitness Strategies for Weight Loss

By Shain Rossi, Certified Personal Trainer

san pedro weight loss personal trainerThe best fitness strategies for weight loss center on nutrition and strength training. Many people believe that focusing on cardio is a must for weight loss, but strength training has many advantages in the battle of the bulge. Of course, optimizing your nutrition is also imperative if you really want to lose body fat and sculpt yourself into what you wish to see in the mirror. Nothing is impossible, but a plentiful supply of dedication and determination is required.

Nutrition and weight loss

Nutrition is critical to any weight loss or muscle building program. Without the proper balance and amount of daily nutrients being consumed, your body begins to lose energy, increase in weight, and slowly deteriorate over the years. Eating enough food is important while trying to lose weight, but it is what and how much you eat that makes or breaks your weight loss program.

Fish is one of the healthiest foods and a great source of dietary protein – salmon and tilapia are particularly good for you. Lean fish is low in calories and contain amino acids, minerals, and other micronutrients essential for for maintaining muscles, bones, and organs.

White meat from chicken and turkey should fulfill the balance of your protein needs. They contain lower amounts of saturated fat and less calories than beef and pork. However, you may still consume lean red meats from time to time if the taste and variety is a must-have to help you keep your diet in place.

Do not fear carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are necessary for the human body to function properly. Yes, people on a carb-restricted diets lose weight and feel healthy, but over long periods of time, many experience frequent headaches and dizziness due to a lack of carbohydrate consumption. But the source of the carbohydrates you consume is very important. You receive plenty of carbs through fruit and vegetables, multiple servings of which need to be eaten daily.

Strength training and weight loss

Strength training helps the body in many ways and promotes weight loss. Don’t buy into the myth that strength training is only for bodybuilders. Strength training is simply placing resistance on the muscles and joints through their range of motion, which causes the muscles to contract and burn energy. While the strength of your muscles and bones will increase over time, you’re not going to visibly bulk up like a bodybuilder unless you are simultaneously consuming a large amount of calories and engaging in very intense weight training. But as the composition of your body changes and the balance of your body weight shifts away from fat and towards muscle, your body will consume more calories per hour even when at rest. So your strength training program will help you lose weight even while you’re not training! That’s a benefit you just can’t get from a pure cardio workout.

Stick to your weight loss strategy

Significant weight loss simply doesn’t happen in days or even in a few weeks. But if you stick to your plan over the long haul, you can make lasting changes to your body. An accountability partner, support group, or a personal trainer can help provide you the extra motivation you need to power through the plateaus and rough spots that you’ll inevitably face during your weight loss journey.

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