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Triceps Workouts: How to Get Noticeable Results

By Shain Rossi, Certified Personal Trainer

Triceps workouts are designed to target the muscle group known as your triceps, which is the three-headed muscle formation on the back of your upper arm. You can definitely see triceps when they have been trained properly because they tend to protrude prominently from the arm, even when relaxed. The triceps are one of the easiest muscle groups to target and train, and stronger triceps will aid you in other strength training exercises as well.

Triceps work well with others

triceps workouts san pedro strength trainingDuring the bench press, your triceps are hard at work in conjunction with your chest muscles (pectorals) to control the downward motion of the barbell and press the weight back up to starting position. People often assume their difficulty benching means their chest muscles are weak and need more strength training, but find that the pressing exercises never make their pectorals feel as though they’ve been completely worked. The culprit is usually underdeveloped triceps. Simply put, if your triceps are weak, then you will not be able to train hard enough with chest pressing exercises to get optimal results.

Close-hand barbell press

This exercise is usually performed following the regular bench press since you are already at the flat bench, but can be inserted anywhere in the strength training program you are following. This exercise targets your triceps over your pectorals due to the close hand grip on the bar.

Skull crusher

Infamously named because of the way the exercise is performed, this is a highly effective triceps workout. You hold a short barbell, ez-bar, or dumbbells with a close grip much like the press previously discussed, but instead of moving the weight straight down, you slowly lower your hands down towards your forehead while keeping your upper arms close to your sides and moving as little as possible. The weight comes close to your skull, but should actually move downward slightly past the top of your head.

Triceps dumbbell overhead extension

This is a great dumbbell exercise that is easy to perform and packs a huge strength training punch. A lot of fitness enthusiasts love to perform these very heavy with low repetitions, or with lighter weight as a final burnout to completely fatigue the triceps. The best method for training is not to lock your elbows out completely during the overhead extension portion. Keep a slight bend in your elbows and feel the burn.

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