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Strength Training for Women

By Shain Rossi, Certified Personal Trainer

strength training women san pedro trainerStrength training for women is often overlooked in importance.  One likely reason is the intimidation factor – the free weight area of the gym tends to have a testosterone-charged atmosphere. Many women will also explain they avoid strength training exercises because they don’t want to end up looking like a bodybuilder or become muscle bound and lose their flexibility. However, the myths that surround strength training for women are just that – myths. Research has proven that even senior citizens should engage in strength training exercises weekly in order to keep their muscles, organs, and joints healthy. Women of all ages can take advantage of the same benefits.

Do not fear stronger muscles

It seems intuitive that strength training will make your muscles bigger in size, but it is not necessarily true. In order to significantly increase the size of a muscle, intense training and additional calorie intake are required, which is why many dedicated bodybuilders utilize high calorie nutritional supplements and eat calorie-rich meals to support their training regimens. With a more typical healthy and balanced diet, strength training will firm, tone, and make your muscles stronger, but not quickly or significantly increase them in size.

Strength training for women aids in weight control

Lean muscle tissue consumes more calories at rest than fatty body tissue. Trading 10 pounds of fat for 10 pounds of lean muscle means you can eat more without gaining weight. Plus, the calories you expend wile performing strength training exercises will not only help maintain the stronger muscles you worked hard to build; it will also help you prevent unwanted weight gain.

Embrace the power of you

Women who commit themselves to a strength training routine universally report feeling more confident and more capable, both inside and outside the gym. Don’t let myths or misconceptions keep you from experiencing a more powerful you.

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