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Staying Fit on the Road

By Shain Rossi, Certified Personal Trainer

If you have a job that requires a lot of traveling or you are heading out of town for the holidays, staying fit can be more of a challenge. After all, there are many things that can sabotage even the most disciplined fitness buff. You might be eating mostly in restaurants, and your normal schedule will probably be disrupted, which may result in skipped workouts.

But being on the road does not have to torpedo your fitness goals. There are several things you should try to do and a few things you’re better off avoiding in order to stay fit while traveling.

Do consider implementing a few easy diet rules

staying fit traveling - san pedro fitness trainerWhen you’re away from home, you might not be preparing your meals. You might also be tempted to eat too many snacks. Consider sticking to a simple rule: never eat two unhealthy meals in a row. For example, if you eat pizza at one meal, make sure the next meal is healthy. Another option is going with the 80/20 rule. Make healthy food choices 80 percent of the time and the other 20 percent you can eat what you want.

Don’t drink too much alcohol

If you’re on vacation, sitting on the beach and sipping a pina colada might sound like a great idea. But alcoholic drinks often have a lot of empty calories. A cocktail now and then is probably no big deal, but consider setting a reasonable daily limit.

Don’t open the mini-bar

Mini-bars are often diet traps. You won’t usually find them filled with carrot sticks and protein drinks. Instead of snacking on chips and candy from the mini-bar, pack a few healthy snacks such as walnuts, edamame, and fruit.

Do squeeze in some workouts

Although you might not have time for your usual workouts, try to fit in a mini-workout when you can. If your hotel has a gym, give it a try. Consider downloading a workout on your laptop or tablet. Go for a walk or jog near your hotel. No gym or equipment? No problem. Do body weight exercises, such as lunges, squats, pushups, and crunches in your room.

Don’t forget your gear

When you go out of town, bring a few things with you to make it easier to work out. For example, make sure to pack your running shoes, workout clothes, and an iPod.

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