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Are CrossFit workouts right for you?

By Shain Rossi, Certified Personal Trainer

Thinking about trying CrossFit workouts? Trends – or some would argue – fads – are a familiar aspect of the health and fitness scene, and one of the most popular in recent years is CrossFit. Many people are enthusiastic about CrossFit training and strongly prefer it over more traditional forms of fitness training.

But how can you know if CrossFit is truly right for you, or is just another fitness fad that promises amazing results in a very short time? Let’s take a closer look at CrossFit and shed some light on questions you might have.

crossfit workouts san pedro trainerWhat is CrossFit?

CrossFit workouts are a mixture of both cardiovascular and strength training which are performed over a short duration of time in sets. Usually a set is 8-10 exercises that you perform for a specified amount of time, such as performing squats for a minute straight, then immediately moving on to the next exercise, while keeping breaks to a minimum. In many ways, HIT training (high intensity training) is similar to CrossFit workouts, and may have influenced the development of the CrossFit training method. But CrossFit tends to emphasize the speed and intensity of exercise, and places less importance on proper form and other exercise fundamentals.

CrossFit workouts – pros

  • Performing strength and cardio training at the same time
  • Relatively short workouts
  • Increased fat burning potential
  • Group training environment/CrossFit culture can provide motivation and accountability

CrossFit workouts – cons

  • Increased possibility of injury
  • Potential for over-training muscle groups
  • Isolation training is not commonly used
  • Group training environment and lack of personalized attention can lead to ineffective workout habits

CrossFit has its strengths and weaknesses just like anything else, but the risks of injury and over-training are real and have been well documented by many experts.

Should you choose CrossFit workouts?

If you are interested in getting back to a fitness routine after a long period – a year or more – without regular resistance and cardiovascular exercise, you will probably be better served by pursuing more traditional workout methods which emphasize proven fundamentals and proper form to help prevent injury. In particular, one-on-one attention from a qualified personal trainer can help make sure you get the most out of every minute you spend in the gym, and eliminate wasted effort on exercises and techniques that won’t provide you the results you seek.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced gym rat looking for a change of routine, CrossFit workouts might be right for you. But just as with other popular trends, fads, and fashions, you’ll probably find that in the long run, you’ll make your way back to what has always worked best for you.

Do you have questions about whether CrossFit workouts are right for you, or if there is a better way for you to get in shape? Contact San Pedro personal trainer Shain Rossi at Elite Triangle Fitness for a free consultation today.