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Shain Rossi: owner and operator

Professional background

From an early age, I planned to become a professional soccer player, and I worked hard with trainers to increase my skills and prepare me for the next level of competition. While playing on a college scholarship, I suffered a few injuries and I wasn’t able to continue to play soccer on a competitive basis.

I was majoring in psychology at the time, and the thought of shifting my plans to a career that would keep me in an office or an indoor setting didn’t feel right for me. I have always had a passion for helping people through their problems or hard times. Helping people navigate the storms of their life was something I wanted to do — but not while sitting behind a desk.

So I decided to pursue a sports psychology major which deals with the mental side of working, training, and being involved with sports. It was the perfect combination of the two things I loved. I studied at American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for my personal training certificate.

Work history

After earning my personal training certification, I began working for Bally Total Fitness where I rapidly moved up. I was recognized as the trainer of the month for three months in a row, and was promoted to fitness manager and then fitness director.

I left Bally shortly after LA Fitness purchased the chain, because I had been growing increasingly disenchanted with working in a corporate, money-driven environment under intense pressure to place clients goals’ secondary to the financial goals of the company.

Instead, I wanted the freedom to customize clients’ programs or workouts to suit their needs first and foremost. I realized that becoming an independent personal trainer was the only way to become the trainer I wanted to be.

In all, I have been training for over 7 years; about half of that in corporate gyms, and the last 3+ years running my own personal training studio. I also have additional experience as a volunteer coach and fitness trainer for soccer teams at the club and college level.

Training philosophy

I am most passionate about helping people change their life, in all respects. The fitness / health aspect is so important, and mental health benefits come along with it. What excites me most is seeing how different someone’s life can become when they get fit and healthy. Their renewed energy and the positive things they begin doing for themselves and others inspires me.

It all starts with helping my clients overcome their excuses. People have a lot going on in life, and many clients fall back on old excuses as to why they can’t work out or eat healthy. I am really good at encouraging them to open their minds to alternative options which can help them become more healthy.
My clients tell me they keep coming back because I make sure training sessions are fresh and fun, but challenging as well, and that I design workouts which help them progress consistently towards their goals. My skills and techniques are extremely versatile; I can train clients for weight loss, muscle gain, toning, events, competitions, sports, etc. – whatever personal goals they may have.

Along the way, I help them create a new lifestyle. My most successful clients would say I have taught them how to make fitness and health a total lifestyle, not just something they work on once or twice a week when they see me.

Personal background

I’m a native of San Pedro and decided to establish my business here because of my love for this community. I know that there are people everywhere that can use my help. But here in San Pedro are the families, friends, and community that helped me become who I am; I want to give back to all of them.

That’s one of the reasons I love volunteering for local soccer teams. I coach at Mary Star High School in San Pedro, and help out at the AYSO and club level for younger athletes.

I am passionate about life and all the adventures that are out there. I really enjoy meeting new people. I love finding out about people’s lives; what has led them to where they are now, and where they want to go. Everyone has a unique story and I want to learn everyone’s.

When I’m not working or coaching, I’m usually spending time with family and friends, watching sports, or out adventuring with my dog, Bear.

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